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I’m so glad it’s OVER!  But at the same time I’m excited about January 7th and forward.  It will be much easier next time as I will eat veggies while juicing.  Psychologically, alone eating something will make it so much better.  Drumroll please….NOW FOR THE GRAND TOTALS.  I lost 15 pounds and my friend “Diedra” lost 12 pounds.  Not bad for ten days with no exercise.  When doing the “50/50 Life Juice” starting January 7th we will be adding in some kind of body movement with the juicing.  2013 may finally prove to be the year that we lose weight and keep it off.  I have to say, doing this with a “juice buddy,” a partner doing the exact same program concurrently, made it easier, more enjoyable and actually more educational.  We were able to compare notes on a daily basis.  We noticed some of the exact same symptoms.  At least we knew we weren’t crazy!  In any case this has been an overwhelmingly successful experiment.  The success has me for one, excited about this next year.

Now that the 10-Day’s are finished it’s time to start baking those wonderful Christmas treats.  I’m breaking out the big guns to bake in this year!


Until tomorrow…

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