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I’m so glad it’s OVER!  But at the same time I’m excited about January 7th and forward.  It will be much easier next time as I will eat veggies while juicing.  Psychologically, alone eating something will make it so much better.  Drumroll please….NOW FOR THE GRAND TOTALS.  I lost 15 pounds and my friend “Diedra” lost 12 pounds.  Not bad for ten days with no exercise.  When doing the “50/50 Life Juice” starting January 7th we will be adding in some kind of body movement with the juicing.  2013 may finally prove to be the year that we lose weight and keep it off.  I have to say, doing this with a “juice buddy,” a partner doing the exact same program concurrently, made it easier, more enjoyable and actually more educational.  We were able to compare notes on a daily basis.  We noticed some of the exact same symptoms.  At least we knew we weren’t crazy!  In any case this has been an overwhelmingly successful experiment.  The success has me for one, excited about this next year.

Now that the 10-Day’s are finished it’s time to start baking those wonderful Christmas treats.  I’m breaking out the big guns to bake in this year!


Until tomorrow…

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Well I woke up this morning and definitely had a dull headache.  I was afraid that the “detox sickness” had begun.  I assume it’s going to come sooner or later but today I have a doctors appointment and I don’t want to be driving with a really bad headache.   Further, I’m not eating as I want the doctor to do blood work.  So until I get back from the appointment I’m on my own as I have no idea where to get fresh juice while out and about.  In any case it’s been about 2 hours since I woke up and my headache is subsiding.  Further when I first woke up I noticed the normal brain fog I’ve suffered from for ten-years.  But within a few minutes it somewhat lifted and I noticed I could think a little clearly.  I’m hoping these are all just signs of good things to come.  With the morning also came a higher sense of smell.  UNFORTUNATELY, this improved sense comes with problems.  First off, I could smell the dry dog food and it smelled like Prime Rib!  YUK!!!  Then I could smell the vegetable waste in the garbage, mostly kale! DOUBLE YUK!!!  The sad part is I could smell all of this while still laying in my bed.  Therefore, at minimum I must throw all of the vegetable wast into the outside garbage each time I juice as the smell is nasty.  Today being the third day of the fast I have to say I haven’t been near as hungry as I would have thought.  BUT, just seeing food on TV, reading about food my friend “Deidra” is making for her family (which must be so hard for her as she’s fasting with me too) or even hearing something on TV describing food and I get a wave of hunger.  So far the wave of hunger quickly passes or goes away when I juice.

Above you will see today’s featured juice recipe:

Collard Greens


Green Onions

Clove of Garlic

Red Pepper

Red Cabbage (not pictured)

Whatever you do for the rest of your life DO NOT MAKE THIS JUICE!  It was the nastiest juice ever.  Ever, as in the history of the world!  Sad part is I still have to drink another one tonight but I refuse to throw it down the drain.  So drink it I shall!

Until tomorrow…


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This morning was my 2nd day of a ten-day juice fast.  I highly recommend acquiring the documentary “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead,” by Joe Cross.  I’m doing this fast buddy-style with my friend “Deidra.”  So far so good.  The picture above is what I put in my breakfast juice.

A little background.  When suffering from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome there are several symptoms.  A few of the symptoms I suffer from regularly are brain fog, exhaustion, pain all over my body on and on.  I specifically mention these as this morning, the morning after my first full-day of juice fasting, while laying in bed somewhere between being fully awake and asleep something felt different.  I immediately noticed that my mind was actively formatting a letter that I need to write today.  Further, I felt like I had actually rested.  Finally, my pain was muted.  Why are these things significant?  Well, usually it takes me hours to wake up and be able to “think clearly.”  I never feel as though I’ve rested.  Every single day of my life for the past ten-years what I’m greeted with every single morning is all over body pain.  While any one of these would be exciting, the combination of all of them was almost emotionally moving.  Listen, I’m not naive.  I wasn’t expecting to feel anything different when I woke up this morning and the fact that I did was encouraging.  However, I know this is temporary and the fact that I’m more than 200 pounds overweight and suffer from multiple debilitating afflictions will absolutely take time to resolve, if even possible.  Add to that the fact that this is just a ten-day juice fasting to see how it affects me.  I know in my heart, for me to garner long-term benefits to a juicing fast, I’ll need to do a minimum of 60-days and probably more like 90-days to jump start my unhealthy body into a real period of permanent healing.  Healing from severe morbid obesity, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.  I’ll just say it was quite encouraging to wake up today and feel like I was alive instead of just going through the motions.  At least for a few precious moments this morning, I feel like I’m “Back From The Living Dead!”

Today I went to the store and picked up Collard Greens, Creasy Greens, Kale, Cucumbers, Celery, Green Apples, Asparagus, Cabbage (Red & Green), and Lemons.  The cashier at the register asked me if I liked greens.  I replied, “no.”  She must have thought I was crazy!  Truth of the matter is I don’t like them but I like my lack of health even less.  Maybe one-day I’ll actually like them.

I just got an e-mail from Deidra.  She said she felt so good today that she went hiking with her husband.  She got a little nauseated while doing this activity but she said it passed as quickly as it came on.  She did complain of a dull headache most of the day.  I think it’s because she’s gone caffeine free.  She is drinking enough water to turn into a fish.  I’ve always drank plenty of water so this is the easiest part of a juice fast for me.  I’m afraid she and I are both in for some unpleasant feelings either tomorrow or Tuesday as I believe that by the 3rd or 4th day toxins will start breaking down in our system.  In any case, as I type this blog I’m just now hungry.  So I’m off to make my second juice of the day at 8:45PM.

Until tomorrow…


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